We’ve Raised the Bar, so You Can Lower the Flow.

The LavAdvantage Product Line Features Many Key Benefits

Leveraging state-of-the-art technology employed in our SafeAdvantage, SpecAdvantage and HomeAdvantage II product line, our new LavAdvantage SPEX models include:

  • Advanced Control Board
  • Easy to Use Digital User Interface
  • Field Adjustable Set Point
  • Inlet and Outlet Thermistors
  • Flow Meter

LavAdvantage Details

  • Lowest activation in industry with 0.2 GPM turn on flow
  • Active energy management with power modulating controls
  • Microprocessor temperature control with digital display for thermostatic accuracy
  • Field adjustable set point range between 70°-140°F. Factory set at 120°F (3.5kW and below set at 105°F). Special settings of higher or lower range available based on options
  • Silent Operation (except for SPEX0122240T)
  • Mounts in any orientation
  • Flow meter activates heater only on demand (no standby heat loss)
  • Install unit at point-of-use to eliminate long pipe runs
  • Eliminate costly mixing valve
  • Compact size fits almost anywhere for flexible installation; suitable for ADA compliant facilities
  • Dimensions: 10.75”H x 5.25”W x 2.875”D
  • Weight: 4 lbs.
  • Cover: ABS UL rated 94 5VA
  • Color: White
  • Adj. Set Point Temp. Range: 70°F-140°F
  • Dynamic Operating Pressure Range: 25 PSI – 150 PSI
  • Element: Replaceable Ni Chrome cartridge insert
  • Fittings: 3/8” pipe compression fittings at bottom of unit (5/8” OD)
  • Turn-On: 0.2 GPM
  • Lavatory sinks
  • Multi lav configurations ideal for sensor or metering faucets (ML option – 110°F max.)
  • Emergency eye wash fountains (EE option – 90°F max.)

Product Resources

How LavAdvantage Works

  • Water enters the system through the inlet pipe.

  • The flow sensor detects the gallons per minute flow rate and sends the information to the control board.

  • The inlet thermostat reads the temperature of the incoming water.

  • The control board calculates the incoming temperature and flow rate to determine the appropriate power output to reach the set temperature point.

  • Triacs send the necessary voltage to the heating elements to achieve the correct power output.

  • The heating elements activate and heat the outgoing water to the appropriate temperature.

Find The Right Size Option For Any Facility

S Sanitation. Shipped at 180°F with temp range of 100°-190°F max.    EE Emergency Eyewash. Shipped and with max temp of 90°F. Must get software update to change temp. Shipped with display “Locked.”    ML Multi Lavs. 0.2 turn on with 110°F temp setting.

* 240V units can be used on 208V single phase with 25% reduced temperature output. Please note per UL standards the rating plate and installation instructions will all be according to a 240V applied voltage. Check with local officials prior to derating the electrical infrastructure.

Many LavAdvantage units are compliant to regulatory codes and standards, including either:
Underwriters Laboratories (UL) or Intertek (ETL) under CAN/CSA-C22.2 No.64/No.88. View Spec Sheet
for details.

Volts 120

SPEX1812T1.8kW15A14 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX1812T EE1.8kW15A14 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX1812T S1.8kW15A14 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX2412T2.4kW20A12 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX2412T EE2.4kW20A12 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX2412T S2.4kW20A12 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX3012T3.0kW25A10 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX3012T EE3.0kW25A10 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX3012T S3.0kW25A10 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX3512T3.5kW29A10 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX3512T EE3.5kW29A10 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX3512T ML3.5kW29A10 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX3512T S3.5kW29A10 AWG0.2Yes

Volts 240*

SPEX35T3.5kW15A14 AWG0.2Yes
PEX35T (derated 208V perf.)2.7kW13A14 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX35T EE3.5kW15A14 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX35T ML3.5kW15A14 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX35T S3.5kW15A14 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX48T4.8kW20A12 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX48T (derated 208V perf.)3.6kW17A12 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX48T EE4.8kW20A12 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX48T ML4.8kW20A12 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX48T S4.8kW20A12 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX55T5.5kW23A10 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX55T (derated 208V perf.)4.1kW20A10 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX55T EE5.5kW23A10 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX55T ML5.5kW23A10 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX55T S5.5kW23A10 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX65T6.5kW27A10 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX65T (derated 208V perf.)5.9kW24A10 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX65T EE6.5kW27A10 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX65T ML6.5kW27A10 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX65T S6.5kW27A10 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX75T7.5kW32A8 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX75T (derated 208V perf.)5.6kW27A8 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX75T EE7.5kW32A8 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX75T ML7.5kW32A8 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX75T S7.5kW32A8 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX95T9.5kW40A8 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX95T (derated 208V perf.)7.0kW34A8 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX95T EE9.5kW40A8 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX95T ML9.5kW40A8 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX95T S9.5kW40A8 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX012240T11.5kW48A6 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX012240T (derated 208V perf.)8.7kW42A6 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX012240T EE11.5kW48A6 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX012240T ML11.5kW48A6 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX012240T S11.5kW48A6 AWG0.2Yes

Volts 208 Single Phase

SPEX3208T3.0kW15A14 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX3208T ML3.0kW15A14 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX4208T4.1kW20A12 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX4208T EE4.1kW20A12 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX4208T ML4.1kW20A12 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX4208T S4.1kW20A12 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX8208T8.3kW40A8 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX8208T EE8.3kW40A8 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX8208T ML8.3kW40A8 AWG0.2Yes
SPEX8208T S8.3kW40A8 AWG0.2Yes

Volts 277

SPEX3277T3.0kW11A14 AWG0.2No
SPEX3277T EE3.0kW11A14 AWG0.2No
SPEX3277T ML3.0kW11A14 AWG0.2No
SPEX3277T S3.0kW11A14 AWG0.2No
SPEX4277T4.1kW14.8A14 AWG0.2No
SPEX4277T EE4.1kW14.8A14 AWG0.2No
SPEX4277T ML4.1kW14.8A14 AWG0.2No
SPEX4277T S4.1kW14.8A14 AWG0.2No
SPEX60T6.0kW22A10 AWG0.2No
SPEX60T EE6.0kW22A10 AWG0.2No
SPEX60T ML6.0kW22A10 AWG0.2No
SPEX60T S6.0kW22A10 AWG0.2No
SPEX80T8.0kW29A10 AWG0.2No
SPEX80T EE8.0kW29A10 AWG0.2No
SPEX80T ML8.0kW29A10 AWG0.2No
SPEX80T S8.0kW29A10 AWG0.2No
SPEX90T9.0kW33A8 AWG0.2No
SPEX90T EE9.0kW33A8 AWG0.2No
SPEX90T ML9.0kW33A8 AWG0.2No
SPEX90T S9.0kW33A8 AWG0.2No
SPEX100T10.0kW36A8 AWG0.2No
SPEX100T EE10.0kW36A8 AWG0.2No
SPEX100T ML10.0kW36A8 AWG0.2No
SPEX100T S10.0kW36A8 AWG0.2No

The New Standard in Electric Tankless Water Heating

LavAdvantage is a premiere line of water heaters, leading the industry with innovative design and valuable features. The best performance. Period.