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Frequently Asked Questions

How much money and how much water will I save by switching to LavAdvantage?

Conventional tank water heaters are constantly heating a finite amount of water – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year – that’s a lot of wasted energy!  Tankless electric water heaters only heat water as you need it. This means you will never run out of hot water and won’t have to pay to heat a tank full of water when you’re not using it. Tankless electric water heaters are 99% thermal energy efficient compared to a tank’s efficiency of 65% or less. Since 14 to 18 cents out of every dollar spent on utilities goes towards heating water, an Eemax tankless product will help to drive down hot water heating costs. The Department of Energy estimates energy savings up to 50% when switching to tankless water heaters.

Since a LavAdvantage heater is much smaller than a tank it can be installed close to the point of use. This saves water because you will no longer have to waste the water that has gone cold sitting in the hot water pipes. Not only does LavAdvantage save time and money but it also decreases your environmental footprint by saving water and electricity.

What is the cost of installation? Can I do it myself?

Installation is less expensive than competitor products because LavAdvantage has a newly designed flowmeter which allows the unit to mount in any orientation. Also unlike our competitors this product often does not require an aerator which makes installation quicker and easier. In addition, LavAdvantage comes with the industry standard 3/8” compression connectors which eliminates the need for soldering. While it is possible to install the unit yourself, it is best to use a plumber and electrician to insure your unit works properly and safely.

How does LavAdvantage compare to other similar products?

The LavAdvantage family of products features a number of advantages over competitors. A 0.2 GPM turn on is the industry’s lowest activation point ever, which means even with a small amount of water being used the heater will still do its job. The unit runs completely silent with no ‘click’ on activation (except the SPEX011240T model). The product line has an extensive list of options and sizes available to ensure there’s a unit to meet your needs. The digital display enables you, the user, to adjust set-point temperature and even view error codes yourself, giving you more control over the product and making troubleshooting easier. LavAdvantage contains Eemax state-of-the-art energy management capabilities scaled down from SafeAdvantage, SpecAdvantage and HomeAdvantage II to this smaller sized handwashing heater. This high-level technology enables the unit to instantly adjust to inlet temperature and flow rate changes to maintain a steady output temperature without spikes. The unit also has an easy installation process.

Will a warranty be offered?

LavAdvantage has a 5 year warranty on leaks and a 1 year warranty on parts. Parts can be purchased through any Eemax distributor or directly from the factory.

How do I know if LavAdvantage is right for my applications?

The LavAdvantage product line is best for heating water for a single sink or multiple sinks within your home or business. The heater comes in a range of sizes from 1.8 kw to 11.5 kw of heating power and an adjustable temperature range from 70-140ᵒF. The LavAdvantage product family has a number of options available, such as units specifically configured for Emergency Eyewash applications and Sanitation units designed for outlet temperatures up to 180°F. These options help to make sure the exact criteria for your specific applications are met. A sizing guide is available to help you find a model right for your water usage and location.

The LavAdvantage product line is right for you if you are looking for a point-of-use heater with the best self-modulating technology in the business and an easy installation process.

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Will there be a change in my water pressure/flow-rate after installation?

All electric tankless water heaters have some degree of internal pressure drop inherent in its design.  When specified and installed within its flow rate capability, pressure drop on LavAdvantage is minimal to none detected.  There will be no noticeable change in the outflow of water besides reliable heat. As long as you choose the right sized unit for your needs the heater will be able to heat water at your desired flow rate.

Will having hard water affect the unit?

The LavAdvantage design is very resistant to hard water.  Geographic areas where the water tends to shorten the life of tank-type heaters are no match for the LavAdvantage internal design.  Unit failure due to calcification is virtually unknown in the LavAdvantage family of product.

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